Welcome Back!

The Library is open at a reduced capacity (in accordance with the governor’s Executive Order). The hours of operation, services offered, and patrons admitted inside the library will be determined by the COVID-19 situation and will change with current conditions.

The Library is open for Inside Browsing
Monday, Friday 2-4
Wednesday 2-4 AND 5-7
Tuesday, Thursday 10-12
Saturday 12-2

The Library continues to offer outside pickup
Monday 10-5 

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5
Wednesday 9-7
Saturday 11-2

Occupancy and Length of Stay

The maximum number of patrons in the library is twelve (12) and visits are limited to 30 minutes.

Safety Measures and Policies


  • Stay at home if you are sick — Anyone who has a fever, cough, chills, or is otherwise not feeling well, or anyone self-quarantining should not visit the library.

  • Wear a Mask — it is mandatory that all patrons ages 2 and up wear a face covering that completely covers the mouth and nose at all times while in the building.

    • Masks, bandanas, or scarves are acceptable.

    • Hands, shirts, or other clothing are not acceptable face coverings.

  • For everyone's safety (patrons and staff) you will be asked to leave if you are unable to wear your mask correctly. We appreciate your compliance.

  • Sanitize — Please sanitize your hands upon entry.

  • Limit your Stay — The library is open for selecting and borrowing library materials. Library occupancy will be limited to 12 patrons at a time and library visits are limited to 30 minutes.

  • Follow Social Distancing — Keep 6 feet from other patrons and library staff.  Follow staff guidance, posted signs, and floor markings to ensure adequate spacing. Patrons ARE NOT to congregate. If you happen to run into your neighbor or friend, please take your conversation outside the library.

  • Do not re-shelve —When possible, please browse for materials with your eyes and not with your hands. If you touch an item that you choose not to check out, please place it on the marked tables. These items will quarantine before being released to the public again.  

  • Returning Library Materials — Patrons should continue to return items to the book drop located outside the auditorium door. Returned items are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours. You will not see your returned items come off your card immediately, and no fines will accrue during the quarantine period.

  • Meeting Room — The Meeting Room is closed.

  • Children’s Area — The children’s area is open for browsing and checking out material. 

  • Family groups — Family members should stay together at all times. Parents with children must ensure they maintain social distance with others who are not their family.

  • Children — Children age 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Computer use — Computer use is available for up to 30 minutes a day for printing and job searching. If possible email what you need printed to circulation@closter.bccls.org. We will print the copies and have them ready for doorside pickup

  • Copier — If possible email what you need copied to circulation@closter.bccls.org. We will print the copies and have it ready for doorside pickup

  • Newspapers — will not be available at this time. 

  • Notary Service — limited Notary services are available during inside browsing hours. We are unable to notarize anything complicated or anything requiring witnesses. Please call before coming to the library.

  • Other services are not available at this time

Self Check Out

meeScan is an app that you can download and use for contactless checkout of materials. 


meeScan can be used to charge out material at most libraries so that there is limited interaction with library staff.  The app is available from the App Store and the Google Play store. 
We hope this will help you feel more secure when you choose to return to visit the library in person.  

Doorside Pickup 

Monday 10-5 

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5
Wednesday 9-7
Saturday 11-2

Doorside pickup

  • You can request

  • Bring your library card when you come

  • We will ask you to read the last 4 digits of the number on the back

  • Protect your neighbors

    • Keep social distance

    • Wear a mask if you can  

    • Be patient if someone else is picking up at the same time

When returning items:

  • The book drop is outside the auditorium door

  • If the book drop is full, please don't put anything into it, wait a day

  • Items will quarantine for at least 72 hours before coming off your card


Our main concern during this phase is the safety and health of our patrons and staff. Our staff will be masked and keep social distance.  Please do the same as you approach the library.


If you have questions about any of this you can email or call the library.


See you soon! 

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