Library Cards

  • Every resident of Closter is entitled to a free library card.

  • You must show identification with proof of residence when applying for a card.

  • Your Closter Library card will be honored in all 77 member libraries of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS).

  • Lost cards may be replaced for a fee of $5.00.

  • Nonresidents may purchase a Closter library card for an annual fee of $600.00. Pay cards are only good in Closter and only for Closter material.


Requests can be made

  • on your computer through the BCCLS homepage at (you will need your password to do so)

  • on the telephone at (201) 768-4197

  • or in person here at the library

Lost or Damaged Items

  • If you lose an item and are unable to return it to the library, your library privileges will be suspended until you pay the replacement fee the item with a new exact copy..

  • Material returned in damaged condition is treated the same as lost material and the library must be reimbursed.

  • There are no refunds.

Printing, Copying, Etc.

  • The Closter Public Library provides a photocopier and a printer for use by our patrons. We do not have a fax machine for public use.

  • There is a fee of 10¢ per black-and-white page and 25¢ per color page on both the printer and the copier.

Computer Use

  • There are 17 computers at the Closter Library for patron use.

  • The 3 computers OPPOSITE THE CIRCULATION DESK are designated for catalog searches. These computers print to the printer behind the CIRCULATION DESK.

  • The 3 computers in the CHILDREN’S ROOM are reserved for children, or parents watching children in the children’s room. On school days, they are primarily intended for homework between 3 and 5 pm. These computers print to the printer behind the CIRCULATION DESK.

  • The 2 computers in the YOUNG ADULT ROOM can be used for gaming. They are primarily for teens. These computers print to the printer at the REFERENCE DESK.

  • The 9 computers ADJACENT TO THE REFERENCE SECTION are meant to be used by adults. There are no limits on time, but we ask children and teens to move if there are adults waiting to use the computers. These computers print to the printers at the REFERENCE DESK.

Loan Periods and Fines

Book Returns

  • Please return materials on time so others may borrow them.

  • When the library is open, please return your books in the return slot located INSIDE the library at the front desk.

  • When the library is closed, please place your materials in the book drop just outside the front door.

  • If you return Closter materials late, you will be charged only 20¢ per day per item - that's the cheapest overdue fee in the area!

  • Be aware overdue fines are set by an item’s home library, and some libraries charge more than 20¢ per day, especially for media items like DVDs.

Notary Public Services

  • The Closter Public Library provides notary public services free of charge during normal library hours.

  • DO NOT SIGN anything until you are in the presence of the notary.

  • Copies to be notarized must made under the supervision of the notary.

  • A photo ID is required.

  • The Library does not supply witnesses. Witnesses must accompany the person whose document is notarized. Witnesses will also need proper identification. Notary cannot act as a witness.

  • In accordance with New Jersey Notarial Law, notaries reserve the right to decline service if the document(s), identification, or circumstances of the request for notary service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, or doubt for the Library.

Internet Access

  • All of the public computers are connected to the internet.

  • There is free WIFI for personal computers. Although we provide wireless internet access for your use, we are not qualified to provide technical support. If you have any problems accessing the internet service, please let us know.

  • The public computers are protected by a program that restores the computer to preset condition when it is restarted. Therefore you cannot save anything to any of the public computers.  If you need to save something, save it to a portable drive.

  • Content sent across the internet is not secure. For your protection, please restart the computer when you have finished your session

Quiet Study Area

The quiet study area is located at the far back of the library and includes the magazine section. This area is designed to provide our patrons with a quiet place to work. NO TALKING is allowed in this area. Please respect your fellow library users and keep the study area quiet.

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